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We’ve got you covered. With our team of experts, we can make sure your new home or renovation is the best it can be. Before signing on the dotted line, let us give you an inspection to make sure there are no hidden surprises lurking around.

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Quality Housing Inspection in Malaysia

The leading home inspection company in the greater Malaysia is here to help you with your next home purchase.

Our inspections provide a clear understanding of the home’s general condition, potential problems or issues, and warranty coverage. We understand that buying a new house can be stressful, so we work hard to make sure that every customer leaves satisfied. That’s why we guarantee you’ll be 100% satisfied with our service!

Years of experience in the construction and inspection industry

Areas across the Klang Valley

Inspections across projects of various sizes from small to massive.

Our Services

Defect Inspection Consultation

Specialist in inspections for new and existing properties.

Inspecting roofs, waterproofing, plumbing, electrical wiring, ventilation systems, wall condition and so much more.

You can enjoy your property without worrying about safety or costly repair bills in the future.

Rectification & Maintenance

Go beyond health screening to ensure treatment is carried out till full recovery for your property.

Hassle-free, worry-free end-to-end services from inspection to rectification on behalf of you with your developer / contractor.

Seminar & Workshop

To lift the industry standard of workmanship and quality.

Include on-site consultation, building condition assessment and building defect result.

Long Term Saving

Accurate inspection and rectification advice.

Save you from expensive repairs that surface a few months or years after moving into your new home.

Professional Inspection

Dr.Renov’s methodical inspection approach covers from the internal structure, building frames, mechanical and electrical work to everything else in between.

No Safety Hazard

Safety is our No.1 priority. We adopt zero tolerance for any safety hazard.

Our comprehensive inspections include electrical and fire safety checks, as well as safety assessment for gas connections and water pipes.

Positive Relation

Represent you in difficult conversations with developers, ensuring the inspection, repair and handover process remain professional throughout.

Maintain positive relations between you and the developers.

Reputable & Proven

With nearly 30 years of experience, we take great pride in what we do.

Ensure your properties stay in tip top condition, long after the contractors have moved on.

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