Defect Inspection Consultation

When inspecting a property, you may think it looks okay from the outside, but we’ve learned that structural issues, roofing problems, electrical defects, and plumbing issues are common.

Inspection provides a general evaluation of most visible and accessible components of the property. The intent is to provide you with all the information we can concerning the real condition of the home so that you can take care of any findings on your own or negotiate the terms of your purchase.

The Importance of Home Inspection


Reduce Repair Cost

Good quality workmanship means you’ll have to spend less time repairing your home. The savings will amaze you.

Safety is Paramount for Your Family

Your family can be at risk from poor workmanship.

Value of Your Property

With good condition of property, you are able to sell/rent it at a better price in the future

Peace of Mind

You can plan and prepare for what might happen when it comes to maintaining or upgrading your home. At the very least, you’re always ready for anything that might occur.

Common Defect

Roof Inspection

Floor Inspection

Structural Inspection
Wall Inspection
Plumbing Inspection
Electrical Inspection